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Tuesday, December 23, 2014


I have been thinking a lot about the post from I Am The Diva's Weekly challenge - the last challenge for the year. The challenge was simplicity - to determine that however we wanted.

A couple of weeks ago I managed to be in Little Five Points in Atlanta; what a fun area! Very vibrant with a lot of great shops (and food!). I also managed to stumble into a store called Crystal Blue - the store was filled with fun rocks, books, and some new age things. A t-shirt in the back of the store caught my eye because it had an absolutely beautiful pattern on it. The store clerks were so helpful and told me that was considered Sacred Geometry and that the shape was called Metatron's cube. I bought a book on Sacred Geometry, convinced I would easily learn to draw the shapes.

No. No it was not easy. I forgot how much better I am at organic designs - things that flow, that don't need rulers. You add a ruler and a compass? I fall apart. Damn. So what was I starting to remember? Simplicity. I need to simply this pattern. So I learned the Seed of Life - only seven circles. And what is one way to draw Metatron's Cube? To start with the Seed of Life!

Even that drawing isn't perfect- but I was so much happier with it, and then felt so much more comfortable then with the next design.

Is that one perfect either? No. But I completed it - and now know what bite-sized chunks I can do to complete it.

I think Simplicity should be my resolution for 2015!


  1. Excellent resolution, and a beautiful drawing to go together with it.

  2. Very lovely design. There is a guy on you tube, his last name is Waring, that does sacred geometry stuff. It involves using the compass a lot and I have yet to master that. Eons ago in school I was pretty good with one but not now. I still keep practicing though. Have a blessed holiday and a happy (simple) new year.

  3. You did so very well with these 'not simple' tiles. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this. Happy Holidays!