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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

My Experiences with Pebeo Paints for Mixed Media - Part 1

My first experiences with seeing Pebeo paints for mixed-media were their beautiful displays at Michaels and Dick Blick.  I loved how different the pieces look and how you could just pour the paint.  What could this mean?!

I had to have some.

My first purchase included Vitrail in Turquoise, Fantasy Prisme in Carabbean Blue (Spelled that way on the bottle), Fantasy Moon in Gold, and Fantasy Moon in Emerald, and Cerne Relief in Clear.

New bottles look a little nicer - ha!!
First on the Vitrail paint.  It is much darker than you might expect - remember it was originally used to paint on glass (there is a product to lighten it but I have not used it yet)  It pours smoothly and dries smoothly.  It is translucent, however, when it is very thick it might be too dark to see through. I've seen Pebeo mention that it should be poured - which makes sense.  The paint is sticky and needs to be cleaned with mineral spirits.  Soap and water will not do it.  It also takes about 12-24 hours to dry.  Now this could be because I am in an area with high humidity, but I had read online somewhere it took 3 hours.  No.  Well, at least not in South Carolina.

Second, the Fantasy Prisme paint.  This paint was a lot lighter than I expected - I believe because there is an almost metallic tint to it.  This paint looks dabbled/cell like when dried and is really quite beautiful.  It is opaque.  Yes, it does need to be stirred.  This paint also is recommended to be poured or used with a dropper - and I totally agree.  This paint needs to be a little thicker and a brush will ruin the dappled effect.  Fantasy Prisme is also sticky and won't wash off with soap and water - you need mineral spirits (or you can just wear the paint on your arm for several days - not that I did that).  This paint can take a very long time to fully dry depending on how thick is poured - anywhere from a day to several days.

Third, the Fantasy Moon paint.  This paint was very similar to Fanstasy Moon - the paint is opaque, lighter than expected and almost has a metallic sheen to it.  The paint should also be stirred and then poured.  However, this paint looks a bit more like marble - much more swirly.  This paint can take a long time to dry much like the Fantasy Prisme paint.

Last the Cerne Relief.  This is almost like fabric puff paint, but it dries clear and hard.  It also cleans up with soap and water.  This also takes a lot less time to dry - seems to be 12 hours or less.  It comes out of the tube white and dries completely clear.  This stuff is great to define areas to pour the Fantasy Prime and Moon into since those paints spread after they are poured - they need a barrier!

I do think this paint would be awful to use on paper - it's heavy, like oil paint.  I think wood, canvas, canvas board, metal - would would - basically anything but paper!
I generally sealed my paintings with Liquitex.  The cell phone covers were sealed with polyurethane - I wanted them to be very sturdy.

For Sale at the Filling Station Gallery!

Honestly, I have had a blast making paintings with this paint (and cell phone covers)!  They allow for a relaxing painting experience because they flow so beautifully.  My only complaints is that they aren't water based and take awhile to dry - can you tell I like acrylics?

"Magic"  10x10.  Sold

Please let me know if you have any questions for Part 2 - I will be talking more about my experiences with Pebeo acrylics, sand mediums and other things I have done with their paints.  I also have 4 canvases in the works that will be on this blog soon too!


  1. I purchased the pēbēo Prisme Fantasy Pearlvioune paint, #25 yesterday, and I tested it on the same paper that I will be using for my craft was around midnight,and it is now 7:02pm the next day. The paint is still tacky to the touch, and I can leave my fingerprint in the paint. Am I supposed to paint something over it to make it glassy and hard?
    Thank you,

  2. Can I use normal acrylic colour with Prisme Fantasy?